De tape is universeel inzetbaar voor het afdichten van voegen of het repareren van installaties.


Sealing tape

Self-adhesive sealing tape based on aluminium with a full-surface butyl adhesive layer. The tape is universally applicable for sealing joints (or repairs) of all installations that pass through a rectangular roof covering. It forms a barrier against water from precipitation (e.g. snow, rain). The cylinder-covered side of the tape allows the tape to be combined with porous and smooth surfaces.

The tape is resistant to water, frost, humidity, UV radiation and ageing processes and has a high adhesive and bonding strength. It is easy to install and provides an immediate seal to the surfaces being worked on.

The adhesive surface should be free of grease and dust.


  • RAL 3011
  • RAL 7021
  • RAL 8004
  • RAL 8012
  • RAL 8017
  • RAL 8019
  • RAL 9005

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300 mm x 5 lm